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Melissa Thompson

Name: Melissa Thompson School: St Mackenzie's Status: Geek Statistics: 5'9 (32B-23-32) Favourite subject: Mathematics Best Friend(s): Nicola Rocco Detentions: 0 Report Card:

1st July 2014
Number of pictures: 100
Melissa Thompson

Melissa is feeling bit under the weather so is reluctantly missing her class and has gone up to the dormitory for a rest. She is wearing her neat uniform and our official blazer. She slowly slips off all her uniform, one item at a time, then her pumps and socks. Finally she slips off her lingerie, so she is completely nude ready to get into bed.


7th January 2014
Number of pictures: 65
Melissa Thompson

Melissa has been sent out of her PE lesson for not trying. She hates hockey so is secretly relieved, but now she will have to explain herself to Deputy Headmistress Drogan. As she waits she slowly slips off all her sexy gym kit, pumps, socks & lingerie then, panicking when she hears miss coming, she hides under her desk!


17th December 2013
Length of video: 7:40
Melissa Thompson

Melissa has gone to the library on her free period. She wants to study hard to make sure she is teacher’s favorite. As she looks for the book she needs she knows that the real way to please the teachers is nudity. So she nervously slips off all her cute outfit & lingerie leaving her completely naked and her pretty bush on show.


27th October 2013
Length of video: 8:24
Melissa Thompson

Melissa has been told she can use the staffroom to read so she can get some peace away from the rest of the St Mackenzie’s rabble. As she sits and reads she remembers the agreement we made for her to use the staffroom. So she slips off all her tight geek uniform & her pretty lingerie leaving her nude and showing her cute bush.


17th September 2013
Length of video: 8:18
Melissa Thompson

Melissa has faked an injury to get out of playing hockey and has limped into Matron’s room so it looks real. Even though she will have to strip for Matron she has concluded that is preferable to hockey. So she slowly slips off all her little PE kit, including her gym panties, and then her pretty lingerie leaving her completely nude.


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