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Miss Amorette

Name: Miss Amorette School: St Mackenzie's Status: Teacher Statistics: 5'4 (34D-27-34) Teaching subject: French Favourite Student: Number of years teaching: Teaching style:

13th December 2012
Length of video: 7:24
Miss Amorette

Miss Amorette is preparing for her next French class and when her students appear to be running late she has another way to pass her time. She slowly runs her hands all over her stocking clad legs feeling their smoothness. She then starts to slip out of her tight outfit & her pretty lingerie, touching her sexy body all over as she does.


1st September 2012
Number of pictures: 65
Miss Amorette

Its morning and Miss Amorette is still wearing her sexy black satin night dress. She has gone to look after the plant on the stair well as everyone else has forgotten it. As she sprays the plant she accidently sprays herself. She likes the feeling of the water on her night dress so she pulls it down so she can feel it on her naked body too.


1st January 2012
Number of pictures: 60
Miss Amorette

Miss Amorette has woken up early on New Year’s Day and, wearing a sexy basque, mini skirt, black stocking and suspenders, she has gone for a smoke. As she smokes she slowly slips off her outfit and pulls down her panties. Left in just her stockings and suspenders she lies back and she does not care what you can see:).


29th October 2011
Number of pictures: 100
Miss Amorette, Miss Taylor

Faye is in a French lesson with Miss Amorette. While in the lesson Faye cannot resist checking out her new lingerie catalogue. When Miss catches her she is not angry, instead she wants to look too. They decide to compare the sexy lingerie they are currently wearing, and of course it does not stop there as they strip each other totally nude!


1st August 2011
Number of pictures: 50
Miss Amorette

Miss Amorette is off for a wild night, on her way down the stairs she stops by the cupboard to see if there are any shoes she would prefer to wear out. As she tries a few pairs on she love how sexy they make her feels, so she takes off her corset, slips off her shirt and panties leaving her completely nude apart from her stockings & suspenders.


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9th July 2011
Miss Amorette
  25th April 2011
Miss Amorette