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Miss Burton

Name: Miss Burton School: St Mackenzie's Status: Teacher Statistics: 5'1 (32B-23-32) Teaching subject: Mathematics Favourite Student: Melissa Thompson Number of years teaching: 6 Teaching style: Strict

7th October 2014
Number of pictures: 170
Lizzie Gibson, Miss Burton

Lizzie is bored and has gone to the library; she is definitely not there to study though, just to look for trouble and something to occupy her time while she skips lessons. Miss Burton knows this so she has followed her. She tries to encourage Lizzie to clear up her mess, but instead she strips off all her uniform & lingerie!


5th April 2014
Length of video: 8:56
Miss Burton

PART 2: Miss Burton thinks you have left but when she turned her back you sneaked back into Matrons room. As you hide you now have the perfect view as Miss slowly slips off all her sexy outfit, lingerie, black lace top holdups & heels. Completely nude she lies back on Matrons table and you can see all of her naked body.


3rd April 2014
Length of video: 6:20
Miss Burton

PART 1: Miss Burton has gone to Matrons room for some headache tablets but instead finds you hiding under Matrons table. She’s not impressed as you have been caught sneaking in before. She decides to teach you a lesson and makes you strip off all your uniform & underwear, and then sends you out in to the corridor naked. Cont…


29th December 2013
Number of pictures: 125
Miss Burton

We have a new Mathematics teacher, Miss Burton. She is quite strict, which is good as Deputy Miss Drogan insists we need more discipline at St Mackenzie’s, and I am far too soft with the girls. Luckily you get to watch as our new teacher slips off all her tight sexy outfit, sheer pantyhose & lingerie leaving her completely nude!